Thank you very much that you were part of that thrilling competitions and the great atmosphere you brought. We are looking  forward to meet you at the next Lakecup from 20. -23. 06. 2019 and beautiful OL experiences with lot of  new friends. Have a look to the results………..

Liveresults 1.race  result1.racesplit_21.06.2019 resultclc 1.race21.06.2019

result_uwgmixed_relay_2019 resultclc_2.race_marwiesen 22.06.2019 resultclc_2.race_marwiesen_split_ 22.06.2019   result_uwgmixed_relay_2019 resultclc_uwgfinal_splitzeiten.23.06.2019 resultclc_uwgfinal_23.06.2019  Liveresults Petelin Ledenitzen

Routegadget HSV Ol Villach

United World Games Tour 2019

15. 06. 2019  updated Course length, changes are possible

new category for M 70, entries open until  10.06.2019

01.11.2018. Invitation and Bulletin